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All the proof you need

Don’t let a niggling suspicion or a rumour eat away at you. If you’re not sure who the father of your child is, why not put an end to those doubts once and for all. With a simple paternity test, we can help you find the answers you’re looking for quickly, discreetly and accurately.  

Our commitment to you

  • We’re private and discreet
  • We only use the highest qualified scientific staff
  • All our testing is done here in Australia
  • Results within 10 working days from when all samples are received at the laboratory

Results you can trust

Whatever the outcome, you can be absolutely sure of your results you get from us. As Australia’s longest running DNA laboratory, we have the most thorough testing procedures in place. Our state of the art systems mean we can turn DNA results around in as little as a day, if necessary.   [more]

Types of tests

We have a range of paternity tests to suit your individual circumstances:

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